My teaching approach

Many people have difficulties with math-based courses. With my experience, I have noticed many problems occur for three reasons:

  • A student experienced a bad teacher in a previous math course, making the current math-based course more difficult to comprehend.
  • The teaching style of the course does not fit with the student’s learning style. The student wasn’t given enough visual memorization cues, examples or wasn’t given the chance to work through problems.
  • The student does not not have a clear overall understanding of the concepts, and how they link together. In calculus, deep understanding becomes highly important in higher-level problems.
  •  A math course moves too fast for the student, and they are left behind and unable to catch up.

I believe all of these barriers are overcome with the right teacher. I try to modify each lesson to a student’s learning style, in order to best explain the concepts, maximize retention and set the correct pace. I truly believe in the power of questions, and I greatly encourage curiosity. My teacher method aims to help overcome any future or current calculus anxiety, and ensure the student obtains a deep understanding of calculus and its applications.


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